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  • 围棋比赛作文|围棋比赛 英语作文

    2020-09-23 19:10

    抚州市少儿第六届围棋比赛在我校隆重举行。Fuzhou children\s sixth go competition was held in our school.围棋比赛开始了,老师宣布比赛规则以后,接着我和22号李琳琳进行一对一的比赛改变作文,我是白子,她是黑子。黑子先下改变作文,我沉着应战,她下一子,我下一子,下得分不出胜负,后来,我花了九牛二虎之力才将她打败。接着我又和28号艾琳山、15号、12号……比赛改变作文,我连胜了七盘,得到了满分,获得本次比赛第一名。The go game started. After the teacher announced the rules of the game, I had a one-on-one game with Li Linlin on the 22nd. I\m white, she\s black. Black first, I calmly fight, her next son, my next son, the next score can not win, later, I spent nine cows and two tigers to defeat her. Then I went back to Eileen hill on the 28th, 15, 12 In the game, I won seven sets in a row, got the full score, and won the first place in this competition.老师开始发奖了,当老师叫第一名付晶峰的时候,同学们用热烈的掌声欢迎我。我走上领奖台领到奖状和奖品时,心里万分高兴。The teacher began to give awards. When the teacher called Fu Jingfeng the first, the students welcomed me with warm applause. When I went to the podium to receive the certificates and prizes, I was very happy.下了领奖台以后,我们学校的谢校长摸摸我的头说:你真棒!你为我们育新小学争了光,但要继续努力,不能得意洋洋,骄傲自满,要再接再励,勇往前进。After getting off the podium, President Xie of our school touched my head and said, "you are so wonderful! You have won the honor for our new primary school, but you should continue to work hard, not be complacent, complacent, and continue to work hard and move forward bravely.校长语重心长的教导,鼓舞了我前进。The headmaster\s earnest teaching encouraged me to mov
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