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  • 未来世界作文|未来世界 英语作文

    2020-10-01 19:10

    在我的想象中,未来世界科技非常先进。因为近代科学发展迅猛,仅在前一百年,科学的进步远远超过了人类以前几千年的发展总和。比如,近代发明的原子弹、氢弹最新作文素材,电脑互联网的应用等等最新作文素材,缩短了世界的距离,载人飞船让人类迈向宇宙……人类对未来充满幻想,而正是梦想的力量和科学家的努力引领着科学的迅猛发展。所以我认为百年后我们的幻想也不再是梦了。In my imagination, the world\s technology in the future is very advanced. Because of the rapid development of modern science, only in the first 100 years, the progress of science far exceeds the total development of human beings in the previous thousands of years. For example, the modern invention of atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, the application of computer Internet, etc. has shortened the world\s distance, and the manned spaceship has enabled mankind to move towards the universe Human beings are full of fantasies about the future, and it is the power of dreams and the efforts of scientists that lead the rapid development of science. So I think our fantasy is no longer a dream in a hundred years.我长大以后要发明时空穿梭机,到五百年以后去看看,还要到广阔的宇宙中去寻找最新作文素材,看还有没有其他的智慧生物。When I grow up, I will invent the space-time shuttle. I will go to the vast universe to see if there are other intelligent creatures.我的这些设想到未来世界,就不是梦高中作文,而是现实了。My vision of the future world is not a dream, but a reality
    高中话题作文 悄悄话作文 400字的作文 最新作文素材
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