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  • 春天来了作文|春天来了 英语作文

    2020-10-01 19:10

    星期天的早晨,我们小朋友早早起床,冲出家门,去寻找春天。On Sunday morning, our children get up early and rush out of the house to look for spring.我们走啊,走啊。我们来到了田野分类作文,看见了小草从地下悄悄的探出了脑袋,树木也吐出了点点嫩芽儿。小燕子在天空唧唧喳喳的叫着关于风景的作文,解冻的小溪叮叮咚咚的流着。花红柳绿关于风景的作文,美丽的春姑娘已经来到了人间。Let\s go, let\s go. We came to the field, saw the grass from the ground quietly out of the head, the trees also spit out a little bit of buds. The little swallow chirped in the sky, and the thawing stream tinkled. The flowers are red and the willows are green. The beautiful spring girl h
    父亲节作文 关于合作的作文 节约用水作文 关于风景的作文
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