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  • 美丽的景色作文|美丽的景色 英语作文

    2020-10-05 19:10

    在我家旁边,有一棵高大挺拔的竹子。有一棵小竹子弯向小路旁边四级英语作文,像是在为过路的人微笑。竹子上长了许多竹叶,很稠密。竹叶挨挨挤挤四级英语作文,像在争夺里面的位置。旁边有一棵棵树,树上长满了艳丽的花儿。Next to my home, there is a tall bamboo. There is a small bamboo bending to the side of the path, like a smile for passers-by. There are many bamboo leaves on the bamboo, which are very dense. The bamboo leaves are squeezed, as if they are fighting for the position inside. There are trees beside them. They are full of beautiful flowers.南边,有一片泥土高中作文,上面种着圆形的树,一朵朵花争先恐后地开放着。还有一朵花五彩缤纷,红如火、黄如金、绿如叶、蓝如天、粉如霞、白如玉。In the south, there is a piece of soil, on which there are round trees, and a flower is rushing to open. There is also a colorful flower, red as fire, yellow as gold, green as leaf, blue as sky, pink as Xia, white as jade.西边,伐木工人在为瘦如重病老人的树木修剪。我以为他们在伐木,最后我才知道他们在伐面黄肌瘦的枝叶。To the west, lumberjacks are pruning trees that are as thin as sick old people. I thought they were cutting wood, and at last I knew they were cutting yellow and skinny branches and leaves.北边四级英语作文,一朵朵别具一格的花儿展现我的眼前。特别是叶子,稀奇古怪的。古怪大神”花的名字真是名副其实啊!In the north, a unique flower unfolds in front of me. Especially the leaves, strange. "Strange god" flower\s name is really worthy of the name!我们这儿的景色风光秀丽,希望你们来参观。We have beautiful scenery here. I hope you will visi
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