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  • 家乡的特产作文|家乡的特产 英语作文

    2020-10-08 21:32

    你知道抚州有什么特产吗?我来告诉你劳动的作文,有广昌白莲、南丰蜜桔、崇仁麻鸡、抚州西瓜、金溪梨……家乡的特产说也说不完。Do you know any special products in Fuzhou? Let me tell you, there are Guangchang white lotus, Nanfeng orange, Chongren chicken, Fuzhou watermelon, Jinxi Pear There is no end to the specialty of hometown.今天我来介绍抚州西瓜。抚州西瓜全国闻名,几千年前家乡的西瓜就被称为贡瓜。抚州西瓜皮厚,好储存,好运输,不易破,色鲜艳,圆而大无子,而且甜又香、解署止渴初中作文,当你吃完后,就会回味无穷,吃了还想吃。所以抚州西瓜大受人们的欢迎。家乡的西瓜源源不断劳动的作文,运向全国各地。Today I\d like to introduce Fuzhou watermelon. Fuzhou watermelon is famous all over the country. It was called gonggua thousands of years ago. Fuzhou watermelon has thick skin, good storage, good transportation, not easy to break, bright color, round and childless, sweet and fragrant, relieving thirst. When you eat it, you will have endless aftertaste and want to eat it. So Fuzhou watermelon is very popular. The watermelons in my hometown are continuously transported to all parts of the country.我爱家乡的特产,更爱家乡的西瓜劳动的作文,我希望家乡的西瓜走向全国世界,让世界人们也尝尝抚州西瓜的美味。I love my hometown\s specialty, and I love my hometown\s watermelons more. I hope that my hometown\s watermelons will go to the whole country and let people in the world taste the taste of Fuzhou\s watermelo
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