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  • 我的自画像作文|我的自画像 英语作文

    2020-10-11 19:10

    我叫陈雨阳,在西街小学上二年级。今年7岁了,我是个爱学习的好孩子。My name is Chen Yuyang. I\m in the second grade of West Street Primary School. I\m 7 years old. I\m a good student.我的名字是妈妈起的。我出生时天正好下着雨,到了中午油菜花作文,天晴了油菜花作文,太阳照耀着大地,所以妈妈给我起名雨阳”分类作文,又起了个小名叫小雨”。借雨过天晴,阳光明媚的含义,时刻激励我好好学习,将来像正午的太阳一样,给人们带来光明和温暖。My name is from my mother. When I was born, it was raining. At noon, it was sunny and the sun was shining on the earth. So my mother named me "Yuyang" and a little name "Xiaoyu". With the meaning of sunny and rainy days, I am always inspired to study hard. In the future, like the noon sun, it will bring light and warmth to people.我的爱好是跑步和跳舞油菜花作文,而且经常参加学校组织的各项文娱活动。我的理想是长大当一名医生,为更多的病人解除痛苦。My hobbies are running and dancing, and I often take part in various recreational activities organized by the school. My ideal is to grow up to be a doctor and relieve the pain for more patie
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